Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specifications, Price, Release Date and Rumors

Galaxy S8 Specifications: Samsung is getting ready to create another sensation in the field of smartphones. From the past years, Samsung is getting close to the customers from all classes with the wide range of their smartphones. It makes handsets that can help to the customers in many ways which make easy to use and a perfect display resolution which allows watching colors at their brightest range. Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to be the best smartphones of 2017. There are many rumors about S8 mobile. S8, while compared to S7, will be a better one in every aspect. It has got the better display, better RAM, better sound quality, the better camera than the S7 edge. S8 is also equipped with an eye sensing technology.

It is likely to be having 6Gb RAM and 9mp front camera and 30mp rear camera. It will be fitted with 4K resolution and screen size is increased to 5.2”. The sensitivity of the touch is much more increased which makes usage much more comfortable. The front and back side of the device is arranged with corning Gorilla Glass 5 to prevent damage from breaking. The design of Samsung Galaxy S8 was still a secret but one can expect it as the next model of Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

Samsung was increasing its technology and specifications in the coming mobiles. Even in Samsung Galaxy S8, all the specifications are very advanced which we cannot see in other mobiles. The first ever 6GB RAM mobile is Samsung Galaxy S8 with which it can complete the things in a fraction of seconds.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 has a Battery of 4200 mAh.


  • Rear Camera:
  • 30 Megapixels
  • Front Camera:
  • 9.0 Mega Pixels.

Camera Features:

  • Geo-tagging, Facial recognization, optical image stabilization, HDR, Auto laser focus and also you can record 4k videos using Samsung Galaxy S8.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 is will be available in Blue, Black, Gold and white colors.


  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, Fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner (first ever), wireless charging, rapid charging and mini projector.

Operating System:

  • Current Android Operating system 2017


  • $850 US


  • SnapDragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.2 GHz processor


  • Available in 64GB and 128GB with dual micro SD cards.


  • 6GB

Release date:

  • April 2017

Screen Display:

  • 5.2-inch 4K display with 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

Features of Samsung Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Specifications

The new Samsung Galaxy has stunning features. All the specifications are the first ever things like retina eye scanner, 6 GB of RAM, Corning Gorilla glass 5. With all, there features the mobile can run very fastly, smoothly and securely.

We can also expect a waterproof surround for the mobile as in Samsung Galaxy S7 but it would be much better if the density for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is more. And if coming to the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, the price would be slightly more than the Samsung galaxy S7. Also, the expected price is mentioned above i.e $850 the US which is reasonable for this kind of mobile. The best part of the Mobile is the mini Projector which is the first ever in a smartphone. Many people are very eager to see how a projector would be in a 5.2 ” mobile.

The prices of the Samsung Galaxy S8 in different countries are mentioned below.

Country                                   Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

Australia                                         1166 Australian Dollars.

Austria                                            775 Euro

Brazil                                               2925 Brazilian Real

Canada                                            1117 Canadian Dollars

China                                               5275 Chinese Yuan

Denmark                                         5779 Danish krone

England                                           545 British pound sterling

Germany                                         775 Euro

Greece                                             775 Euro

These all are Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications If you have any doubt on reviews, price, release date and features of Galaxy S8 then don’t hesitate comment below.

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