Apple iPhone 6s Gaming Review and News – Features of iPhone 6s

Since last year September 9, when Apple announces it’s most spectacular devices like Apple watch, iPad pro, Apple TV and the next generation iPhone flagship iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, it has become a great news for the gamers that what’s the big news about gaming. The release of iPhone 6s is just made all the gamers around the world more excited to know what will be the next step in gaming that Apple would carry with this release. So, if you are one of the iPhone users who like to play creative games, then there is a big news is waiting for you. And this iPhone 6s Gaming Review is just the reflection of this.

Apple iPhone 6s Gaming Review – Features:

iPhone 6s Gaming review

If we only consider the gaming features of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, then we must say it will bring out a revolutionary change in Smart Phone gaming. The advanced technology used in the iPhone 6s made it more like a gaming console which will give you the best gaming experience ever. The iPhone 6s feature a 3D Touch technology which will make your game alive. And this feature will give the developers a big opportunity to develop more creative games. Moreover, it will play an active role to enhance the gaming on iPhone 6s device to the next level.

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With this 3D technology, games will be more attractive and it’s very much easy to play as well. The screen will become more sensitive and easily able to detect taps and longer presses. Now, the gamers need not swipe the screen anymore, they just able to control it by a touch on the screen. It will make the control over the game more flawless and easy. It will become much easier now controlling the car steering on a motor racing game or anything like that.

Use iPhone 6s as a Gaming Console:

Apple will bring a revolutionary change in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with the inclusion of  most advanced and powerful chip. The chip is known to be ‘A9 Chip‘ which has transistor architecture. And it’s the main reason, you can use iPhone 6s as a gaming console. The chip will provide a much faster graphic solution and now you can play high graphic games on your iPhone 6s without any lagging.

Use iPhone 6s as a Gaming Console

Now, just one touch is enough to change your weapon in a game or to reload your weapon. This will be very helpful on shooting games. Now the gamers do not need to pause the game or go to the settings to know how to change or swap the weapon.

Another inclusion is made which will be beneficial for you if you are a game developer. It’s a new iOS API called as ‘Metal’ which helps the developers to develop the console quality games for the iPhone users. Metal will be very helpful for creating and developing high graphic console games.

So, definitely, these new inclusions on Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will bring this new flagship to another level and gamers will be very much pleased with these changes.

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