iPhone 8 Features, Rumors, Release Date and Specifications

iPhone 8 Specifications: As we are talking about Apple iPhone here in this article, I would like to say is that Apple is one benchmark in giving us one of the best smartphones in the market. Soon in the September, 07 of 2017 Apple is going to release its new iPhone 7 in the smartphone market and according to my research I have known that even in this tough competition market Apple will again take a good position in the market even in this tough competition. Not only this but now the main thing that we are to know is what Apple is going to give us after the iPhone 7? Check Expect iPhone 8 Features and Rumors below.

So today here in this article I am going to tell you about what we are getting from Apple after this iPhone 7 that is iPhone 8. In this article, I am going to tell you about the features and specification of this iPhone 8. Now you may be thinking that even the iPhone 7 is not yet released in the market how can you tell the features of iPhone 8. So I would just like to mention that this is just a rumors which mean this all thing can happen 50% and might be it doesn’t happen also. So here below are some of the features and specification of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Features – Rumors:

iPhone 8 Features

Actually, there is nothing much about the features of this iPhone 8, but let’s check out what is the features of iPhone.

1. Now the latest iPhone 8 will have a screen size of 6.o inch, and the screen will be of OLED screen.

2. According to my research I have found that this iPhone 8 will have a front camera of 4MP and rear camera will be 14 MP with which you can do a 4K video shoot and take high-quality pictures at a shot.

3. Now you will get iPhone 8 phone with 4 GB RAM. Which means this iPhone will be super fast.

4. iPhone 8 is entirely expected to have high battery power at least up to 2800 mAh battery power. Which means you will get 18 hours backup if you are using the 4G network on your phone.

So this is all about the features of this new yet to be released phone that is iPhone 8. Again I am saying that these features are all rumors but this all features may come to true in future, there is 50% chance, and there is also 50% chance that this rumor will not get true. Expected Samsung Galaxs9 Features and Rumors.

Full Phone Specifications of iPhone 8:

Specifications of iPhone 8

There are many specifications of iPhone 8, so let’s wait for so more and start telling about all the specifications of iPhone 8.

1. First of all the iPhone 8 is going to have memory up to 256 GB, and it starts from 16 GB. So in this iPhone 8, you will not have any memory problem.

2. The Processor that iPhone 8 will be using is A 10 which is just introduced in the web by Apple.

3. The other main thing is the screen size of the phone. This phone is strictly expected to have 6.2-6.5 inch display with 4K resolution and retina display.

4. Your video recording will not be stuck till 1080p, but you can also record video in 2120p video format.

So this is all the features and specifications of iPhone 8. Here I have given everything about this phone, but yet if you have any problems, then you can directly comment us below. It will be very worthful.

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