Samsung Galaxy S8 Reviews – Full Phone Specifications

Galaxy S8 Reviews: The Samsung s8 is one of the best smartphones among the Samsung s8 series. The device has an interesting and attractive look, which is one of the reasons for which the device is going to be the best smartphone ever. The Samsung s8 has a blended smooth screen, this gives the device a quite simple and clean look, the back end of the device has got completely smooth finishing with a good grip to the user.

The device has a smart camera at the top most center along with a dual LED flash which gives a pleasant look to the device and the volume rocker on the left side and the power button on the right-hand side of the screen and this makes the device easily operated by the user. This is the first ever smart device with the dual screen display.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reviews & Ratings – Specifications:

Galaxy S8 Reviews

SCREEN: The screen size is about 5.2 inch and has a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels this makes the device look a realistic touch. The screen has the best resolution so it is going to melt the eyes with ultra HD 4k display. This also makes the video quality much realistic.It has an improved version of VR viewing experience.

PROCESSOR: The performance is quite brilliant as it comes with the advanced version of snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core (8.3) with 4.2 GHz processor speed, so the device performance is going to be much faster and smooth when compared to Samsung s7.

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TOUCH: The Samsung s8 has a quite interesting touch, which is much responsive and can be easily operated. This gives the user a feel good experience by this feature.

FINGER PRINT SENSOR: The Samsung s8 has the most brilliant and advanced feature of fingerprint sensor with which the device is safe and protected. This also makes the device look much professional. The user gets attracted to its amazing features.

STORAGE: The device has got a huge storage capacity, the internal storage is about 64/128GB and also the storage can be extended by the external dual memory card slot provided to the device which can be up to 256GB so this is going to be the massive storage capacity smartphone. It the transfer read and writes speed is up to 500mpbs, this gives the fastest transferring capacity to the device.

The device has a ram of 6GB which makes the device performance much faster and also the application run smoothly without any lags. High-quality games can run smoothly on this device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reviews – Features:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Reviews

CAMERA:The Samsung s8 is best known for its advanced camera features which are more improved features when compared with Samsung s7. The smartphone has dual end camera, it has a 30MP camera at the rear end and 12MP camera at the front end. This has the better pixels and a good quality picture. The camera has interesting features such as geotagging, face recognition, paranoia, HDR mode and with an auto laser focus, and night vision camera. The device has a LED flash which is the best image capturing feature to the device. The camera of the device gives a professional gesture to the user.

CHARGING: The Samsung s8 has a wireless swift which can be carried anywhere and the device can be charged at a very high speed that is 80% can be charged within 30minutes

BATTERY: The Samsung s8 has a non-removable battery of 6200MAh, which gives a last longing performance to the smart device. The device can easily work up to a whole day with normal usage. The battery saving mode also helps in battery usage.

GEAR: The Samsung S8 comes with a compatible version of new VR gear with which the device can be always synchronized and be operated easily by the user. The gear gives a quite amazing look to the device and a remote controller with which it can be operated by the user.

These are some of the reviews about the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8.

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